Progress Photos of PUG(nacious)

January 30, 2010

steel moment frame and lower walls

Steel to pier connection


The Frequently Asked Questions that will become part of the Website

January 29, 2010


PUG is an innovative Austin-based company made up of Architects, Designers and Builders dedicated to creating innovative, unique, residential structures.  PUG partners have spent the last 18 years designing, constructing and financing residential architecture throughout the City of Austin.

PUGs are “A Lot of House, in a Small Package,” and represent Positive Urban Growth.

  1. PUGs provide small-scale (550sf – 850sf) living units on existing lots, thereby doubling the density without sacrificing the character of the neighborhood.
  2. PUGs utilize existing infrastructure (plumbing, electrical) and are built on land with existing development.  Further, PUGs have a minimal impact on the surrounding environment and participate in slowing urban sprawl.
  3. PUGs provide homes for extended family, guests or renters, and can provide supplemental income for property owners, as well as home offices to reduce commute times and costs.
  4. PUGs conform to the City of Austin guidelines for Secondary Apartments and the Smart Growth amendments adopted by Austin’s existing neighborhoods.

PUGs are quick to construct, economical, and benefit from the latest building science for energy efficiency, water conservation, construction waste management, indoor air quality, and low maintenance and operation costs.

PUGs are dedicated to providing affordable housing within the City of Austin, and economical versions of the plans are available Free of charge to those who wish to build through the Non-profit organization “The Alley Flat Initiative”.


Q:  PUGs are cute and I want one.  How do I get started?

A:  We must determine if your lot has the proper zoning (SF-3 or less restrictive) and if you are a suitable candidate to build a PUG.  An initial phone call can answer many of these questions quickly and is no charge.  An onsite consultation with our Architects will cost $100.

Q:  Can I afford a PUG?

A: A PUG will cost between $100k and $200k.  We can evaluate the financing options available to each Owner in our initial meeting.

Q: Why are PUGs modern looking, instead of traditional?

A: The PUG Company hopes to create architecture that is worthy of preservation in the future.  To accomplish that, we use the latest design and building methods, and feel that local materials, flexible space and contemporary aesthetics represent our time and place.

Q: What if my property does not have the proper zoning, or is not within one   of the neighborhoods that have adopted the Smart Growth Amendments?

A: Contact us anyway, there might be some other options depending on your situation that will allow the PUG to exist on your property.

Q: Are PUGs customizable?

A: Yes, within reason – different materials, colors and custom features are available within the floor plan options.  All PUGs are adapted to their individual sites to best compliment, privacy, view, and affordability.  All Owners will have the ability to visualize their PUG on their site through computer modeling, and edits will be approved prior to construction.

Q: What if I want my PUG to provide truly affordable housing?

A: The PUG Company has partnered with the Alley Flat Initiative to provide economical versions of our plans that can be built to meet the 80% of Mean Family Income or better criteria for Affordable Housing.  Please go to: for more information.

Q: Everyone talks about “Green Building”, are PUGs really Green?

A:  Beside the obvious advantages of developing within existing urban conditions, the construction of every PUG will result in a 5 star rating with the Austin Energy Green Building Program.  The AEGBP is one of the premier programs in the United States and was a progenitor of the LEED rating tool.  PUGs are VERY sustainable, and are designed to meet Austin’s Climate Protection Plan by being Zero-Net-Energy Capable.

Q: What if I want to remodel my house as well as build a PUG?

A:  The PUG team can provide full architecture and remodeling services for any of your residential needs.

Q: Isn’t a PUG a small dog?  What’s with that name?

A: Yes, the PUG is also the name for the largest of the toy breed dogs.  They are known for being a small dog with a big dog attitude. Pugs are also known for their compatibility with the urban environment, for being loyal to their owners, and friendly to their neighbors.  We think that sums up the PUG company philosophy very well.


The PUGnacious”

Stats:  550s.f efficiency apartment above with carport and storage below. Features include rainwater and gray water collection, FSC certified lumber construction, spray foam insulation, and reclaimed wood flooring.

“The PUGalley”

Stats:   840s.f. Two story, two bedroom, 1 – 1/2 bath, with covered carport, highly efficient windows, optional vegetative roofing, and custom graffiti mural by Nathan Nordstrom, AKA “SLOKE”

“The PUGhat”

Stats:  850s.f two story, one bedroom w/ loft, 1 – 1/2 bath, with covered carport, reclaimed wood flooring, metal and cement board rain screen exterior, and 18 SEER a/c heat pump.

Schematic Images of PUG(nacious)

January 29, 2010

So here are some fairly updated renderings of the PUG(nacious). This was one of the first PUG designs developed along with PUG(scope). It is currently being built at 1415 Justin Lane, and should be complete by May 2010.

PUG is coming

January 29, 2010


Here is our tentative logo. The next post will be images of PUGnacious and progress photos of the construction.

First round on the logo

Modern Homes Tour

January 21, 2010

Hello all,

Check out the Modern Homes Tour, this Saturday, January 30th, 2010.